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A new found freedom

If you’ve owned a road bike and want a new lease on life exploring the hills and trails, hire one of our adventure motorcycles

Boost your skills

Don’t have the confidence for off-road riding yet? Hire one of our adventure motorcycles and dial up your skills on a 5 star off-road development course.

Explore this great land

Our Honda and BMW fleet are the perfect machines to explore our great land. Ask about our week long packages and hit the road.

Ride to your heart’s content
Moto Trekkin Off-road Adventures

Join us for the most incredible off-road motorcycle adventures Australia has to offer.

Off-road Motorcycles
Check out our Motorcycles for Hire

CRF250 Rally

$175.00 /day


$195.00 /day

Honda CB500X

$205.00 /day

BMW GS 1200 Tour

$245.00 /day

Never Miss an Adventure
Moto Trekkin Motorcycle Hire

Hire one of our new off road adventure motorcycles and get ready to explore Australia. We offer airport transfers from Newcastle and Sydney.

Airport Transfers Available
Weekend Specials
New Off-road Fleet