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Charities We Support

Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Royal Flying Doctor Service is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world, providing extensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency service to people over an area of 7.69 million square kilometres.

They provide medical services needed by people living in rural and remote areas of Australia despite the challenge of vast distances. With a waiting room of 7.69 million square kilometres, RFDS provides 24-hour aeromedical emergency services that can reach anywhere, no matter how remote, within hours. Some of the services they provide include Emergency Aeromedical Retrieval, Clinics, Patient transfers, Tele-health, Mental Health, Oral Health, Health Promotion & Education and Medical Research.

We value the services Royal Flying Doctor Service provide and that we like to regularly support them. If you’d like to give a donation of your own, click here.