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Beginner Riding Skills

There is no doubt that off-road adventure motorcycling has taken off in Australia and around the world in a big way. It is currently one of our largest and fastest-growing motorcycle markets in Australia.

Motorcycles are usually restricted to the road, but more riders are choosing adventure style motorcycles to create new experiences and travel off-road. Places that were never previously accessible on-road style motorcycles. Off-road adventure motorcycles give riders the best of both worlds as they perform great on the road too.

Motorcycle brands such as BMW, KTM, Honda, Triumph, Yamaha  Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Ducati to name a few, all produce big-bore adventure bikes. Yet a large percentage of these bike owners with previous road experience fail to realise that road riding techniques are completely different when off-road.

And that’s where Moto Trekkin’s advanced off-road rider training has its benefits. If you’ve been riding on the road and recently purchased an off-road adventure motorcycle, we can teach you advanced techniques to keep you safe, stay upright in all types of terrain, and enjoy your adventure.

And despite what many people think, off-road skills are completely different compared to on-road skills. And believe it or not, dirt bike riding skills are different again for larger adventure bikes. We’ll help you understand the differences and build your knowledge and skills to a new level.

More than 95% of the world’s roads are unpaved, and some of Australia’s most spectacular sights are only accessible by dirt. This means all riders should invest in quality training to confidently handle off-road conditions.

Our intro to adventure riding program will provide you with the starting foundations you need to enjoy your off-road riding including:

  • Why on-road and off-road techniques are so different
  • 5 mistakes road riders make when on dirt
  • Body Position for effective safe off-road riding
  • Clutch, brake and throttle control
  • ABS traction and riding control modes of modern bikes
  • Field of view – where you should be looking,
  • Emergency braking techniques
  • Rear-wheel skids
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Mastering U-turns and turning techniques
  • Hill Climbing
  • Managing steep decent

We also understand that after spending the weekend learning new skills, there often isn’t the time to put those skills into practice before the bike goes back into the shed and you return to work.

That’s why we always conclude our training courses with a 2-3 hour adventure ride that beds the new skills and mindset you’ve learned during our course.


Duration2 days 2 nights
ArriveFriday evening 4-6pm
DepartSunday afternoon
LocationMount Seaview NSW

$1195 includes:

  • Shared tuition up 20 riders
  • Qualified accredited instructor
  • Twin share accommodation
  • Two full breakfasts
  • Two hot lunches from menu
  • Two dinners from menu
  • Beer and wine package included

$1695 personal one on one rider training

  • Private tuition
  • Includes bluetooth headset hire for communication with instructor
  • Qualified accredited instructor
  • Private accommodation
  • Two cooked breakfasts
  • Two lunches from menu
  • Two dinners from menu
  • Beer and wine package included

Feel free to call us and discuss your needs

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