Without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive adventure rider training program available to Australian Adventure Riders


We’ve spent years developing and fine-tuning one of Australia’s most comprehensive rider development programs. We call it the Masterclass Development Program (MDP).

It consists of three separate weekends spread over time, designed to build your skills and confidence through one-on-one coaching and personal feedback. The MDP is a competency-based program which means you need to reach a desired skill level before being permitted to progress to the next level. This program not only delivers value for money but also tangible learning outcomes. Your skill level, agility and confidence will improve.

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    Our MDP is so comprehensive that the Australian Defence Force selected Moto Trekkin to provide advanced off-road motorcycle rider training to several special forces personnel.

    If you own and ride an adventure motorcycle and want the attitude, knowledge and skills to ride with greater safety, confidence and enjoyment, the Moto Trekkin MDP is for you. All three phases of the MDP are conducted in NSW at a dedicated adventure rider training facility. Phase I is also conducted periodically in QLD and VIC. Check the available dates below.

    The learning outcomes, inclusions, and the required program investment can be found in the full MDP information kit. The kit is too large to email. To overcome this, you can request a download link to be be emailed to you using the “Course Information” box below. Simply complete your details to receive the the download link.

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    We look forward to welcoming you to the MDP soon.


    February 4th + 5thMDP Ph 1 VICFULLY BOOKED
    March 11th + 12thMDP Ph 1 NSWFULLY BOOKED
    March 25th + 26thMDP Ph 2 NSWFULLY BOOKED
    April 29th + 30thRR III Training (equivalent to Ph 1 QLD)FULLY BOOKED
    May 27th + 28thMDP Ph 1 NSWFULLY BOOKED
    June 17th + 18thMDP Ph 1 NSWFULLY BOOKED
    July 22nd + 23rdMDP Ph 1 NSW90% SOLD
    August 12th + 13thMDP Ph 1 NSWFULLY BOOKED
    September 9th + 10thMDP Ph 2 NSW70% SOLD (for selected riders who completed Phase 1)
    September 22nd + 24thMDP Ph 3 NSW40% SOLD
    November 25th + 26thMDP Ph 1 NSWAVAILABLE

    Complete your details below to obtain a comprehensive information kit which contains dates, states, venues inclusions and investment in the program.

      Complete your details to receive the full Masterclass Development Program Information Kit via download.